Our leaders at the Sustainable Development Council (SDC) are visionary change-makers, dedicated to steering global progress towards a more sustainable and equitable future, catalyzing transformative initiatives, and empowering communities to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Dr Datchanamoorthy Ramu
Founder President

Dr Datchanamoorthy Ramu

Dr. Datchanamoorthy Ramu an eminent youth leader of India and Founder – General Secretary of the International Youth Forum and Sustainable Development Council, who represented India Multiple times in the United Nations Headquarters. He Volunteered with International entities like the United Nations, Commonwealth and etc., for the past few years. He also founded Two National and One International Organization. Dr.Datchanamoorthy Ramu has been Awarded Karmaveer Chakra, Bharat Jothi Award, and several International Awards for his work towards the Empowerment of Youth.

Dr. Datchanamoorthy Ramu Pursued his B. Tech from Anna University and Global Diplomacy at the University of London. He was an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society. He is also a Member of Cambridge University for The Center for the Study of Global Human Movement. Datchanamoorthy Ramu is an advocate of many inspiring programs pertaining to the ‘Rights’ of youth. His sensitivity towards his opinion of how he sees ‘Human Rights’ is NOT about Violation and Violence but pursues to find various avenues to contribute to the future of his generation, built upon meaningful Values that would be accessible and serve the Humanitarian needs of others. He believes that these are the tools that we should also use to empower and be empowered, and through his work find ways that would contribute to Children, Youth, World Peace, Human Rights, and Humanitarian & Voluntary Services.

Dr. G A Rajkumar IAS (R)
Chairman (All India)

Dr. G A Rajkumar IAS (R)

Dr. G A Rajkumar IAS (R) with a distinguished 35-year tenure in the Government, I have been honored for my unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity as a member of the Indian Administrative Services. My extensive experience spans various sectors, including Revenue administration, Public sector management, Health and water supply, Rural Development, Transport, Education, Agriculture, Labor and Employment, and Welfare. I am recognized for my transformative leadership, characterized by a rapid understanding of contexts and the deployment of innovative practices to formulate effective strategies, frameworks, and plans that align with organizational goals. Innovation is the cornerstone of my approach, as I systematically examine entire systems and activities within an organization to drive improvements, turnarounds, and foster a positive organizational culture grounded in best HR management practices. This approach results in heightened productivity, enhanced quality, and increased customer satisfaction. Beyond my government service, I have continued to contribute my wealth of experience and expertise to the growth and success of organizations such as Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Ltd and Food Corporation of India.

M. Gokulnath
Secretary General

M. Gokulnath

A qualified social worker on volunteerism with over 12 years of experience in providing high quality support to Youth to empower them self to become a agent of Change. Having a consistent track record of working successfully with individuals, families or groups, all within a variety of settings. Possessing a in- depth understanding of relevant legislation, procedures and techniques required. Extensive knowledge of social work principles, techniques and practices and their application to complex cases, group work, and community issues. Easy going by nature and able to get along with both colleagues and others.

Chairman (South Asia)

Rahul KC

Director (Youth Affairs)

Guna Raj Pyakurel

Secretary (Advisory Board)

Elena Karpova

United Nations Representative (NewYork)

Aishwarya Narasimhadevara

Environment Policy Advisor

Anish Shrestha

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