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The Sustainable Development Council (SDC), an international non-profit, aspires to inspire, encourage, and facilitate the establishment of a global network of SDC branches worldwide. This network will serve as a platform where businesses, NGOs, policymakers, civil society, and the general public can collaborate effectively towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDC’s national and regional networks span across 6 continents, comprising hundreds of member institutions including universities, research centers, civil society organizations, and other knowledge hubs. These entities are dedicated to advancing the implementation of the SDGs at local, national, and global scales.

  1. Promote Awareness and Engagement: SDG Clubs serve as platforms to raise awareness about the SDGs among students, faculty, and staff. Through events, workshops, and educational campaigns, members can deepen their understanding of sustainability issues and actively engage in meaningful discussions and initiatives.
  2. Foster Collaboration and Innovation: SDG Clubs provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and the exchange of ideas. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields of study, clubs can generate innovative solutions to complex sustainability challenges.
  3. Drive Action and Impact: SDG Clubs empower members to take concrete actions towards achieving the SDGs. From organizing community service projects to implementing sustainable practices on campus, clubs enable individuals to translate their passion for sustainability into tangible outcomes that benefit both local communities and the planet.
  4. Access Resources and Support: As a partner of the SDC, SDG Clubs gain access to a wealth of resources, including educational materials, toolkits, and guidance from sustainability experts. Additionally, clubs can tap into the SDC network to connect with like-minded institutions and individuals, facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  5. Amplify Your Institution’s Impact: By aligning with the SDC and forming SDG Clubs, your institution can amplify its impact on sustainable development. Through collective action and collaboration, clubs contribute to the broader movement towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

Join a Global Network

Access to the International SDC Innovation Hub offers entry into a vibrant and exclusive community dedicated to sustainable development. This members-only platform serves as a nexus for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovative solutions. It provides members with valuable resources, networking opportunities, and support for their efforts in advancing sustainable development goals locally and globally.

Utilize the expertise of SDC for teaching, research, and local/international sustainable development projects. Tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience within SDC’s network to enhance educational curricula, conduct groundbreaking research, and implement impactful projects aimed at fostering sustainable development at both local and international levels.

Gain access to top-tier experts and emerging young professionals dedicated to sustainability. Engage with a diverse pool of individuals who possess specialized knowledge and innovative perspectives on sustainability-related issues. This access provides valuable opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas, fostering a dynamic environment for advancing sustainable initiatives and driving meaningful change.



Work With Us

Gain access to international processes such as the United Nations’s General Assembly and Conference of the Parties (COP).

Collaborate with the SDC International Academy on SDG, the United Nations Awareded “G17 University Consortium” and SDC Youth Innovation Clubs. Collaborate with the SDC International Academy on SDGs, a member of the United Nations awarded “G17 University Consortium,” and SDC Youth Innovation Clubs. By joining forces with these esteemed entities, institutions can leverage their expertise and resources to advance sustainable development goals (SDGs) on a global scale. Engage with the SDC International Academy to access cutting-edge research and educational programs focused on SDGs, while participating in the renowned “G17 University Consortium” offers opportunities for impactful collaborations and recognition on an international level. Additionally, partnering with SDC Youth Innovation Clubs empowers institutions to inspire and mentor the next generation of leaders in sustainability, fostering creativity and innovation towards achieving the SDGs. Together, these collaborations enable institutions to amplify their impact and contribute to creating a more sustainable and equitable world for all.

Be a part of the global sustainability movement by participating in the annual events organized by the Sustainable Development Council (SDC). These events serve as pivotal platforms for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and action towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Additionally, the SDC Global Partners Conference, held in various locations worldwide, facilitates meaningful dialogue and collaboration among SDC’s global network of partners.


Advocacy & Awareness

Elevate your institution’s visibility and influence in sustainable development by partnering with the Sustainable Development Council (SDC). Through collaborations with SDC, institutions gain access to a global network of scholars, researchers, and academic leaders dedicated to advancing SDGs. By participating in SDC events like the International Conference on Sustainable Development, institutions can showcase expertise to a diverse audience, enhancing credibility and thought leadership. Partnering with SDC enables institutions to amplify their impact and contribute to global change.

Participating in global actions for sustainable development showcases institutional commitment to addressing pressing challenges. Engaging in initiatives such as clean-up drives and renewable energy projects contributes to SDG achievement and inspires others. Collaboration with local stakeholders leverages collective efforts for greater impact. Through volunteering and advocacy, institutions not only benefit society and the environment but also enhance their reputation and foster a culture of stewardship.

Contribute to SDC publications to shape discourse and drive policy advocacy in sustainable development. By sharing insights and best practices, institutions influence decision-makers and promote evidence-based solutions. Contributions to SDC publications provide a platform to amplify institutional expertise and perspectives, advocating for policies that advance environmental conservation, social equity, and economic development. Through collaborative knowledge sharing, institutions can catalyze positive change and build a more sustainable future.